There is only one way to become one of the leading production companies…Listen very carefully, and at Gnomon Performance we’ve been doing just that since 2003.

For over a decade we’ve been listening to what our customers want, while keeping one ear close to the ground for the very latest developments in the production field and another ear out for the finest talents in the industry. This might sound an uncomfortable position to maintain, but at Gnomon Performance we are used to stretching ourselves for our clients, it’s part of our commitment, not just to service but to excellence. To produce events that are the best they can be, that will exceed our customers expectations, that will have their audiences coming back for more and with each new project we aim to push the boundaries, setting new and higher standards for the industry.

Since 2003 up to the present our company has been producing world class, dynamic events for major companies and organisations that win audience loyalty again and again. Altogether we’ve clocked up over 700+ productions, from major events, sporting events and road shows to conferences and corporate events. In addition to and as always, Gnomon Performance continually works with exciting and emerging new acts.

We are listening…