Corporate sport events:

The organization and management of sporting events, requires knowledge and experience in this highly sensitive and peculiar type of event. The people of Gnomon, having previously implemented large scale projects for both Greek and foreign Sports Organizations, created the 1st corporate system in Sport events, based on US, English and Italy standards. Creating this corporate system in Sport events we expanded the product in the environment of corporations with a staff of over 50 people. We plan specialized –according to their needs- projects and achieve through emulation and entertainment the optimal effect of tightening the bonds between team members. The collaborating with Gnomon SA associating sports bodies cover exclusively , assessing the needs and peculiarities, a wide range of services in Greece and abroad, including:


  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Social programs
  • Press conferences
  • Training centers


  • Escort and security
  • Game conducting centers
  • Corporate Name
  • Participants’ awards


Gnomon’s staff carries out everything in order to achieve the best result concerning transparency and saving time and money.