Gnomon Performance SA Joins M.P.I

As of May 2008, Gnomon Performance SA joined the World’s prestigious M.P.I (Meetings Professional International), so as to further enhance its business development on the specific area.

Gnomon’s classification as Supplier Meeting Professional, it is for M.P.I (not limited to) who provides and/or sells products and services to the meeting industry (such as a destination management, hotels, audio-visuals, florist, transportation, production or convention and visitors bureau etc).

With the numerous meetings that Gnomon Performance is annually assigned in Greece or abroad, and the remarkable 98% customer’s satisfaction, company took a step ahead in order to benefit from the MPI’s superior educational programming, timely information, extensive resources and peer interaction.

Gnomon Performance shall further strengthen its position because of MPI’s global network and the resources provided in the field of:

  1. Educational Excellence/Professional Development and Expertise
  2. 68 Chapters and Clubs around the world
  3. Partnerships, Leadership and Recognition opportunities
  4. MPI foundation as association’s research and development vehicle

It is stressed that MPI is of the very few Associations, still carefully tracking the applications for membership, which the candidates should meet the criteria requested upon.