Gnomon Events core competencies

  • Quality guarantee: 95% of our customers declare 100% satisfaction
  • Diversification: capacity in developing projects around the world for customers of different sectors
  • Worldwide network: established connections across the 6-continents, guarantee on time and on budget solutions on any customers’ needs
  • Human power: staffed by highly skilled professionals with multi-level experience across different industries
  • Methodology: realistic planning, flow communication and attention to every single detail
  • Green Thinking: use of sources, services and correspondents familiar with environmental protection
  • Pricing: value for money services and strong negotiating power
  • Innovation: upscaled products surpassing customers expectations
  • Customer care: 24/7/365 hotline center upon projects’ and events’ operation
  • Automation: customized operating systems managing all corporate operations
  • Rewarding schemes: kick-backs based on customers’ production/productivity.

Two decades attention to the details

For nearly 2 decades Gnomon delivers hi-end customized projects and events about safeguarding its customers’ reputation across business environment.  Since 2003, Gnomon has developed more than 1.700 projects mainly for multinational businesses and organizations, while customers’  annual satisfaction reports averages to 95%. Gnomon declares its continuous effort for highest operating standards, customer care orientation, creativity & differentiation.

A prominent future:

  • Quality Satisfaction: holding customers’ satisfaction reports to the maximum
  • Consultancy: providing customers with our diversified experience from the different business sectors that company serves
  • Acting globally: offering hi-quality and value for money solutions because of Gnomon global network
  • Implementation: keeping customers safe throughout the development, setup, operation and evaluation of a project
  • Staffing:  having our staff trained and motivated on company’s values and customers’ oriented philosophy
  • Tasks oriented: setting goals’, ensuring realistic and actionable planning and safeguarding excellent communication flows with our customers
  • Sustainability: prompting for Eco-friendly projects and reducing  environmental footprint to the minimum
  • Budgeting: offering affordable rates for hi-level and value for money services
  • Wow factor: providing new products and ideas resulting added-value advantages to our customers
  • Always on: staying at customers’ disposal 24/7/365 throughout events’ operation
  • Reporting: making customers available all necessary reporting & information throughout our collaboration

Gnomon Performance Sa