With over 55 international corporate clients undertaking 920 projects and handling 53.000 participants, we are able to organize for you the event of your dreams.

  • Surveying, Event Planning, Event Flows
  • Exhibition stands
  • Corporate Gatherings (Ceremonies, GA’s, Acquisitions)
  • CSR programs & activities
  • Cultural events & Gastronomical gatherings
  • Road shows
  • Nightlife entertainment


Gnomon Performance SA guarantees to provide you with a variety of the most well known venues in order to make your choice. Supplementary activities concerning the venue can also be managed by Gnomon Performance SA. A sample of these services might include:

  • Decoration & staging
  • Indoor & outdoor happenings
  • Audiovisual infrastructure
  • Exhibition booths
  • Promotional stands
  • DJs or bands coordination

Catering Handing

Food & Beverage are tightly connected to the Greek mentality. For Company meetings, Christmas dinners, Conference breaks, Theme happenings, and Gala dinner reception among others, Gnomon Performance SA manages to:

  • Design the proper atmosphere
  • Select high quality menus
  • Create the desired art de la table
  • Company meetings,
  • Christmas dinners,
  • Conference breaks,
  • Theme happenings,
  • Gala dinner reception

Media Handling

Gnomon Performance SA has continuously been familiar with the most effective media channels and sponsors. Therefore you can trust us in order to communicate your event & manage media contacts so as to empower any kind of promotional strategic plan.

Sport Events

Gnomon Sports Division has handled 2,700 fans of FC Liverpool during the Champions League Final in Athens. Gnomon Performance SA guarantees high quality handling for planning and implementing any kind of sport event.

  • Charity fundraising
  • Event Sponsors
  • Event Tickets
  • Visits in sport venues
  • Media people
  • Teams & Clubs
  • VIP
  • Sport Fans
  • Sport Clubs
  • Athletes
  • Sport Book Authors
  • Sport Associations
  • Sport Organizers
  • Athletes’ Families